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Thank you for your interest in the JourneyDance referral program and for helping us to create awareness for JourneyDance around the world.

What’s a Referral Partner Program?

Companies around the world offer Referral Partner Programs, with the goal being two fold: to reward the refer (aka: the seller) with a sales commission, and to reach additional buyers or clients who we (as a company) wouldn’t have met otherwise.

How much can a Referral Partner earn?
Honestly, your earning potential is limitless. Depending on the product or event you refer, you can earn anywhere between 10 - 20% of the price.

What programs can a Referral Partner tell their friends about to earn commissions?

In 2017 what we would greatly appreciate your help in promoting is: The Embodiment Immersion Online Course with Toni Bergins
However, we have several new programs and events that we will be launching that we will be contacting you about partnering with us on. You get to pick which one sounds like a great fit for your tribe!

Who can become an Affiliate for us?

Anyone can, as long as you agree never to:

a) Promote these products via unethical marketing practices, such as unsolicited email campaigns or spam.
b) Promote these products alongside or in conjunction with offensive content or unethical material.

Note **- You will not earn affiliate commission by purchasing programs for yourself under your own affiliate link.

How will you receive payment?

At the end of each month the JourneyDance office will send you a PayPal payment for the amount you have earned.
For any live events or programs, your money will be sent 60-days following the start date of the program giving us ample time to account and tally ALL your referral earnings.

(Remember: only purchases tracked to your unique affiliate link will earn commissions so make sure you are diligent about using the unique URL in your marketing and sharing.)

Again, we are so grateful for your efforts in helping us to grow JourneyDance around the world. It will be our greatest pleasure to send you these commission payments, and we’ll do so with great appreciation for you!



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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

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