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Victoria Pentecost

Washington , DC



Class Schedule




 Mother/daughter every other week, 5:30pm on Saturdays, woman's JD every other week on Fridays at 7pm at Lil' Omm in Tenleytown DC. Check Lil' Omm's website under workshops for details. Click here for more info.


Founders Jessica Epperson-Lusty and Victoria Pentecost are dedicated to offering dance workshops for adults and children. Guiding participants in the JourneyDance™ flow, we aim to foster self-connection, raise self-awareness, and support in the freeing energy to support full expression of our unique light and gifts. Our intention is to bring a diverse community of people together to have an independently reflective and freeing experience on the dance floor.






Tory and Jessica cultivated their friendship dancing with their young families, sharing a love of nature and passion for living conscious lives. Their shared view that dance is a powerful form of self-expression and release is harnessed and taken to another level through their work with the JourneyDance™ form. Jessica’s years of experience as a fitness and yoga instructor provides a foundation for facilitating this joyful and transformative form of conscious dance. Tory spent her youth studying various forms of dance and is thrilled to find herself back on the studio floor bringing her training to different level. Tory’s knowledge as a Thai bodywork practitioner enhances her ability to support people to connect to their body and harness their energy for growth.


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Praise for Toni

What energy!  What fun!  What utter bliss!  Toni's work energizes and connects me to Self with a capital "S."

Amy Weintraub, Life Force Yoga, Yoga For Depression.